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Mopping the Floors

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Make your place sparkle

Construction can sometimes surprise us with unexpected problems. But don't worry! We are ready to help you reach your deadlines.

We want your business or home to be shining clean and super neat for its grand opening day. We provide many different construction cleaning services, specially designed for what you require after renovating or remodeling your space, or even after a brand new build.


Our team excels at turning the messy chaos of construction into a tidy work of art – we call it construction cleanup.   So rest easy - we've got your post-construction needs covered in-time and on-point!

Our Post-Construction Cleaning Services Include:

  • Removing construction debris

  • Vacuuming carpets

  • Light Features

  • Dusting air diffusers

  • Dusting window sills and molding

  • Spot cleaning walls

  • Cleaning Cabinets

  • Cleaning interior glass

  • Dust and/or damp mopping hard surfaces

  • Cleaning and polishing restroom features




Although installed brand-new, the construction process can still take a toll on new flooring or carpet. Along with dirt and dust, it's not uncommon to find glue, stains, scuffs, and spilled liquid on floors where construction has taken place. Our construction cleanup service ensures that these items are carefully swept, vacuumed, and scrubbed away using specialized and highly effective equipment.


Cutting drywall, using heavy machinery, and bringing in materials from the outdoors are all ways that debris can accumulate during the construction process. Oftentimes, there's a visible layer of dirt or dust actually coating places like walkways, mantles, window sills, and floors remaining afterward. Heavy duty vacuuming and scrubbing in crevices is a necessary task for ensuring that individuals who use the building afterward aren't breathing in a dusty environment.

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